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Client Testimonials 

Great classes run by Tony. You have fun whilst getting fit and strong. Also a great atmosphere which allows making connections, friendships even. 

I highly recommend. - Ru 

I had never been to a class before until the beginning of this year when I was recommended TLB Monday classes and I even joined the summer bootcamp. The thought of going to a class when I didn’t know anybody scared me to be out of my comfort zone but it’s safe to say I’ve never looked back and I was welcomed into the TLB Family. T always pushes us and cheers us on to keep us motivated. I feel so much fitter, healthier and actually enjoy working out now. Thanks T 💪🏼😅

- Kasey 

Absolutely love these workout sessions. you actually enjoy the week coming back around just so you can go again. great class great trainer! - Shona

I started this year doing TLB's 8 week body transformation..... and I've enjoyed every minute of it!
It's been amazing. 
🔴 I've improved my all around fitness 

🔴 I've lost inches 
🔴 I've become more motivated 
🔴 I eat healthier 
🔴 I've made new fitness friends 😊🙌
🔴 and the most important thing is Tonylee (TLB fitness) has helped me get my Love back for fitness/exercise!!! 
I also do his kettle circuit class on a Monday with I highly recommend - he defo mixers it up! 
And his seasonal boot camp which I absolutely LOVE 🤸🏼‍♂️🙌💪🏃‍♀️ 
Thanks TLB can't wait to start my next 8 week challenge!!  - Mya 

I've just completed the 8 week body transformation classes. They were hard work but great at the same time. I met a group of friendly and supportive people all working together to get results. Don't be put off if you're unfit or feel fat, it's a mixed ability class of people who are all shapes and sizes. I lost 17 inches and 3 kilos. I feel so much better. T is one of the most inspiring instructors I've had the pleasure of meeting. His classes work and the food plan fits in with a variety of lifestyles. I can't recommend it highly enough. I've signed up for the next 8 weeks! - Naomi

 I’ve known T for 12 years now and been training with him for about 8 years. He is without a doubt one of the best trainers I’ve had. Always encourages you even when your on your last legs 🙌🏼😂 such a positive, inspirational attitude! Highly recommend 👍🏼 - Gemma

Thanks T for your support on my 8 week body challenge. Lost 20 pounds in 8 weeks couldn’t of done it without you and all the guys on the course.

See you for the next one if you have spaces!

Highly recommended  - Steve 

If you want results, this is your man. 
I don’t come from a strong background of exercise and fitness. I’ve notoriously hated most forms of exercise but this guy has very much changed my “can’t do” attitude. 
Tonylee will make it enjoyable for you. He brings motivation and atmosphere to every session. 
I actually look forward to his classes and training sessions each week! 👍🏽 - Jamillah

Attended many of TLB's Drum N Bass classes. What can i say....perfect start to your week. His classes are full of energy. And he brings motivation by the bucket load. Walked out his class last night buzzing & lots of ladies were buzzing too....such a great feeling. Cheers TLB - Lana 

T is fab at motivating, He’s hard but also fare, he listens and is understanding but without letting you make excuses which encourages you to work for results. I’ve had over a year out of exercise and really felt in need of a kick up the bum! T has definitely done that and in turn my confidence has returned and my mental health improved. His prices are very reasonable and he is extremely caring and understanding especially when you are ill or injured. He is always on time and every week is different and interesting which always keeps me motivated and ready for the next thing. A big Thank you to our very own Mr Motivator - Louisa 

If you are prepared to put the effort in, you will get great results with T’s classes, he is a excellent motivator and really cares about everyone he trains. - Nick 

I couldn't recommend T enough he is the most nicest and most professional Personal trainer I have ever met. 
The passion for his work gets us all our results we are longing for. I attend Ts classes and come out feeling so vibrant and motivated and also am showing great results in my PT sessions aswell. Onwards and upwards in my fitness journey with him .  - Purdey 

This has been a great way of getting my fitness back into shape over the last month since I started. Sessions are always a workout whilst remaining lighthearted and fun along the way. Brilliant for all levels of fitness and each person is driven at their own individual pace. Great team activities are included so plenty of opportunity to socialise and make lovely new friends. Fully recommended for anyone. - Edwin 

If anybody can motivate you....T can! 
Love his classes just wish I could do more!! - Deb 

If you want to pace and not sweat then go to other trainers. If you want to sweat and push your limits so you can see your body changing alongside increased fitness levels then go to Tony. - Andrea 

Great classes he gets the best out of everyone. You always come out of T's classes hot sweaty and buzzing and bizarrely with more energy than when you went in. Would definitely recommend. - Donna 

Thanks for the workout T ! Spectacular instructor ! Recommend to all who are serious about making changes to their lifestyle - Joanne 

Great classes Tony you know how to get the best out of your clients,just when you think you have gave your best effort you some how manage to get them to dig a little only have to look at the size of your classes and the waiting list and that tells you everything.keep up the good work Mr Brown. - Mark 

The last six months of PT have been awesome. I never thought I would be addicted to exercise and it's become such a big part of my lifestyle now!!

Tonylee thanks for pushing and challenging me in every PT session and changing the exercises to keep me interested. 

I feel so much stronger and this is down to you pushing me and believing in my strength. I can see I've toned up which was my aim when I started PT. 

I'm going to miss the sessions and will definitely continue what you've started. 

If anyone is having thoughts on booking any Personal Training sessions I would strongly recommend Tonylee if you want to get results!!! 

Thanks T - Daxa

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